Flash Butt Welding Machine FBM

  Flash Butt Welding Machine FBM 10
 -Suitable for small and medium enterprises
 -Ensures a perfect welded seam
 -Precise repeated reproduction of the welding process
 -Аutomatic performance of the welding process
 -Possibility for welding current regulation in 6 /six/ steps
 -Permanent control of the welded band saw frontal contact
 -Infinitely-variable regulation of the annealing current
 -Аutomatic annealing
 -Parametric control of the welding process 
 -High reliability of the clamping vices
 -Possibility for optimal and quick adjustment
 -Easy for maintenance
 -Ergonomic design
 -Water cooling of the clamping vices
 -Hydraulic vices - optional
 -Аutomatic annealing process - optional


         Technical Specifications FBM 10      VIDEO FBM10                                                                          

Supply voltage                                              400V                

Power at 50% loading                   

Band saw clamping                                       Manual

Annealing                                                      Manually, with automatic time control  

Display menu                                                Bulgarian / English

         Welding possibilities:

  - band saw blade for wood                          6 - 60mm

  - Bi-metal band saw blade                           6 - 41mm

  - stainless steel band saw blade                  6 - 40mm          

  - band saw blade without toothing               6 - 55mm                     

Overall dimensions: (L х W х H)                   910 x 640 x 530

Net Weight                                                    197kg